App not working?

We're really sorry you're experiencing issues. 😒 This page contains information on:

1. App status

2. Bugs 

 πŸ’‘Recently fixed 
πŸ“² In-app bugs 
πŸ›’ Collection bugs 

3. What to do if you find a bug

1. App Status

  • Mobile app is operational but there are some issues with the web app.

OLIO systems are constantly monitored and any issues will be reported here. If you are having trouble with your app, please see below.

βœ…   OLIO app (Android)

βœ…   OLIO app (iOS) 

βš’οΈ  OLIO web app (Web) 

βœ…  Volunteer Hub (Web)

Latest app version - 2.76.10

Please note: in many circumstances using the  OLIO web app will allow you to use OLIO without issue.

2. Bugs

πŸ“² In-app bugs

πŸ› BUG: Login issues with OLIO's magic link

  • Not receiving the email?
  • Magic link is expired?
  • Magic link opens the browser and not the app?
  • Already have an account?

Click here to troubleshoot


πŸ›  BUGS: Messages

  • Messages do not update when the app is open.
    • Pull the messages screen down to refresh or close/ open the app.
  • When lots of messages are received in a short period of time, the app may run slowly.
  • Listing icons at the top of the inbox are not correctly ordered.
  • Messages can change from "read" to "unread" unexpectedly.


πŸ› BUGS: Notifications

  • For some iPhone users, notifications will not make a sound.
  • Receiving a notification but the listing doesn't show.
    • You will need to change your search settings to show the appropriate distance & the newest first.
  • If you're using the web app, you'll get messages asking to turn on notifications.
    • there are no notifications on the web app so please ignore this message.



πŸ› BUG: Switching between listing categories no longer resets the filter or takes you to the top of the list

  • On an iPhone, you can tap the top centre of the screen to jump back to the top of the list.


Check here for updates


πŸ› BUG: After completing the initial goals, new goals do not refresh


Check here for updates

πŸ› BUG: Listings are unlisted after copying

  • Delay 'Make live in' by five minutes, in order to make the listings active.


In the meantime, please delay ''Make Live in'' by five minutes. 

πŸ› BUG: Pinch to zoom does not work


Check here for updates

πŸ› BUG: Ratings

  • You will see your total ratings on your profile rather than your 5* score.
  • Other OLIOers will still see your 5* score


Check here for updates

πŸ› BUG: Profile likes, dislikes & about me

  • When updating about me, likes & dislikes the information does not save.
  • This makes it hard to get the profile badge.


Check here for updates


πŸ›’ Collection bugs


πŸ›  BUGTesco say OLIO haven't accepted.

 You might receive a confirmation message to go ahead, but the manager in store says they haven't received our acceptance messages. If you receive a confirmation, but the store's hand-held PDA device says OLIO hasn't accepted, staff can now run ''Manual Acceptance''. In case they've missed internal communications about this, please ask staff to:

βœ… Click  Waiting for Response
βœ… Then  Accept
βœ… Choose  OLIO
βœ… Then  Submit!

βœ… Fixed

Ask staff to use the ''Manual Acceptance''

 πŸ›   BUG: Tesco Conflicting messages

You might receive conflicting messages from Tesco (i.e confirmation to go followed by a message to say 'no food available') - in this case please go with the most recent (the last) message in the chat.

βœ… Fixed

Follow guidance from most recent Tesco confirmation message.

πŸ›   BUG: Tesco collection confirmation, but no food

You might get a confirmation message, but arrive and find no food. Tesco have introduced a nationwide automatic estimation of food surplus, which gets sent to OLIO  unless there is no food to donate - in which case staff must manually decline the donation to prevent sending OLIO a confirmation. 😬 If this occurs, please report this and we will send a complaint to the store to make sure they override this new feature in future. 

βœ… Fixed

Remind staff to decline donations each day there is no surplus, or report to FWH team.

🚫As always, please do not go ahead unless if you have received a confirmation. If you are able to call the store before going ahead please do so for reassurance.


πŸ’‘ Recently fixed

Please update your app to the latest version if you are still experiencing issues with the below:

βœ… Listings created using Copy and "Make live in" show up in preview with a white wash overlay.

βœ… Item no longer available message being sent to the requester even if they have been confirmed as the collector.

3. What should I do if I think I find a bug? 

Please first check that you have the very latest version of the app! πŸ“±You can do this by visiting the App Store or Google Play. You can also find out what version you're on by tapping the  ☰ three horizontal lines at the top of the app and going to the 'Account' section. Please note: Android releases are available immediately, whereas iOS updates can take several days before they become available.

If this doesn't work, please submit a bug report via the '' Need more help?'' button on this page. Please include screenshots where possible.

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