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We're really sorry you're experiencing issues. 😢 This page contains information on:

1. App status

2. Bugs 

 💡Recently fixed 
📲 In-app bugs 
🛒 Collection bugs 

3. What to do if you find a bug

1. App Status

The mobile app is operational but there are some issues with the web app.

OLIO systems are constantly monitored and any issues will be reported here. If you are having trouble with your app, please see below.

 OLIO app (Android)

OLIO app (iOS) 

⚒️  OLIO web app (Web) 

Volunteer Hub (Web)

Latest app version - 2.90.2

Please note: the OLIO web app (Web) is not currently being worked on, so bugs will not be fixed. If you experience problems, please:

🗑️  Clear your browser cache (a search-engine will explain how to do this for your browser i.e. chrome, safari)

🕵  Try using a "private browsing" function on your browser. 

↪️  Check the app on a different browser. 

🖥️  Use the OLIO android app on your PC or Mac - download an android emulator (we can recommend Bluestacks) which runs apps on your PC or Mac for free. The advantage of this is that you have a fully-featured OLIO app on your desktop! 

2. Bugs

📲 In-app bugs

🐛   BUG: User can't receive OLIO's emails 

  • Users that have marked OLIO´s emails as Spam can no longer receive emails from OLIO


🐛   BUG: Olio Little Helper's messages are being sent more than once

  • Confirmation & rating messages on the Squad Chat are being repeatedly sent 


 🐛  BUG: When trying to sign up users get stuck in ¨Post Code needed¨ 

  • When trying to sign up the system says that the postcode is needed before continuing with the process and when users enter it, the system does not take it as valid.


🐛  BUG: Tool tip blocks screen


🐛  BUG: Photos still visible after changing category

  • Old photos are displayed with new information

Work started

🐛  BUG: Slow typing in app

  • After a new update, typing is slow


🐛  BUG: Sign up/Log in - Rejected email address

Work started

🐛  BUG: Relisting/ copying expired listing doesn't work

  • Relisting expired listings is not working
  • Relistings come up as duplicate unlisted items


🐛  BUG: Adding listings- ¨Show to newbies first¨

  • When adding a listing the option ¨Show to newbies first¨ only offers a negative day count


🐛  BUG: Login issues with OLIO's magic link

  • Not receiving the email
  • Magic link is expired
  • Magic link opens the browser and not the app

Click here to troubleshoot

.🐛   BUG: Blocking

  • Unblocking does not work - you will still be unable to see listings
  • Blocked users still have access to previous conversations and can continue to send messages via those conversations
  • If you block a user, they won't see your listings but you WILL see their listings.


🐛  BUGS: Messages not showing

  • Large batches of messages do not show immediately
    • Close and reopen app to find current messages
  • When lots of messages are received in a short period of time, the app may run slowly.
  • Listing icons at the top of the inbox are not correctly ordered.
  • Messages can change from "read" to "unread" unexpectedly.


🐛 BUGS: Notifications

  • For some iPhone users, notifications will not make a sound.
  • Receiving a notification but the listing doesn't show.
    • You will need to change your search settings to show the appropriate distance & the newest first.
  • If you're using the web app, you'll get messages asking to turn on notifications.
    • there are no notifications on the web app so please ignore this message.


.🐛 BUG: Photos: Loading times are too long, large photos and some common file types are not accepted.


🐛  BUG: SMS verification (Singapore)

  • SMS verification is not working for some Singapore users


🐛 BUG: Goals do not appear, just a blank screen

  • After completing the initial goals, new goals do not refresh.


🐛 BUG: Profile likes, dislikes & about me

  • When updating about me, likes & dislikes the information does not save.
  • This makes it hard to get the profile badge.


🛒 Collection bugs

🐛   BUG:  When a FWH skips/pause ongoing collection the ongoing collection is being deleted

This bug has been fixed and the team is working on restoring the slots to the original owners. 


🐛    BUG: Some users are currently seeing an issue where they are redirected to the join page after successfully signing up as a Food Waste Hero. They are subsequently redirected to when trying to access the volunteer hub, despite now being food waste heroes.


The workaround for this is logging out and logging back in with the same details: if the user does that, it seems to resolve itself. The logout button is located at the top right on the join page.

Extra detail:

We have only been able to replicate this on desktop, and went through the flow usually when testing on iOS.

🐛   BUG: Food Waste Heros can´t close baskets as the button is cut off-screen

Workaround: by changing the font size of the phone from the settings it is likely that the button can be seen and actioned.

🐛  BUG: FWH´s badges are being reset

  • FWH month badges are being reset when a slot is skipped


🐛  BUG: Duplicated slots

  • You or another FWH skipped a collection and suddenly that slot was duplicated

Work started

🐛  BUG: Statistics are not being shared

  • One-off collection statistics are not being posted in the Squad Chat.


🐛  BUG: Food Waste Materials link in the volunteer hub breaks when changing country

Work started

🐛  BUG: Food Waste Hero Baskets not working correctly


3. What should I do if I think I find a bug? 

Please first check that you have the very latest version of the app! 📱You can do this by visiting the App Store or Google Play. You can also find out what version you're on by tapping the   three horizontal lines at the top of the app and going to the 'Account' section. Please note: Android releases are available immediately, whereas iOS updates can take several days before they become available.

If this doesn't work, please submit a bug report via the '' Need more help?'' button on this page. Please include screenshots where possible.

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