Troubleshooting notifications

Here are some handy instructions to help you check whether your notifications are working, and how to troubleshoot them if they are not...

First, please test whether your notifications are enabled

Click the three horizontal lines top left to open the sidebar on the top left of the main app screens to open the sidebar. Tap on Notifications, then click ‘Test notifications’. If your notifications are enabled you will receive a pop-up test notification. If you don’t receive a pop-up please scroll to the final section of this FAQ. 

Notifications are not enabled/ nothing happens when you click the test button...

1. Please reinstall the app
2. Click 'test notifications'
3. Contact if you still cannot test notifictations.

If your notifications are enabled, which of the following problems do you have...

1. I don't receive notifications when a specific user lists items OR I don't see notifications for a specific user's listings but when I go to their profile, there are active listings.
A. This is because they are choosing to show their listing to new users (‘Newbies’) first so you will not receive notifications about these listings. 
2. I receive notifications that there are listings nearby, but when I browse the listings page they aren't there.
A. Double-check your filter settings to see if you are sorting by the newest or nearest.
3. I am getting notifications for listings but they are delayed by an hour.
4. I don't get notifications whilst I'm using the app.
A. You will not receive notifications for new listings or messages when the app is open. This is how the majority of apps work (otherwise the app could be notifying you of something you’re already looking at). 
If none of the above applies to you, it’s possible that we’re having issues sending notifications to your phone. Please get in touch with letting us know as much information as possible about what is going wrong.