Ratings Explained

Why do we have ratings?
Sharing with our neighbours is a lovely thing, but sometimes it's helpful to know if another user has successfully shared in the past and was courteous and timely.
How is my rating calculated?
Your rating is the average of all your ratings. Each user you share with can only rate you once but they can change the rating at any time.
Are ratings anonymous?
Yes. The other user cannot see who has given them a rating - this is because our community has told us that anonymity is really important so it's not awkward if you want to give a low rating. However, please note that it may be possible to see your rating increase or decrease as a result of a rating, especially when you only have a few ratings.
I can't see my rating / I have rated a user, but it’s not showing up. Why is that?
We only show a rating after a user has been rated 3 times - this is to allow ratings to be anonymous.
How can I rate another user?
  • Go to your messages inbox
  • Tap on the profile picture of anyone you have recently messaged with
  • Assign a star rating (5 is high, 1 is low). Your rating should take into account the other user’s quality of communication, timeliness for pickup and whether the item was as advertised.
  • Note: Two users can only rate one another if the user giving the item away/selling the item has confirmed the pickup within the app
How does my star rating affect my ability to use OLIO?
If you receive 3 low ratings (less than 3*) in the space of 1 month *and* your average rating for the last month is below 3*, your account will be suspended for a 30 day period. This is to ensure that OLIOers give each other a great sharing experience.
How can I improve my rating?
We recommend you request a rating from users who you have shared with in the past:
  • Go to the message thread with that user
  • Tap the purple ‘+’ button 
  • Use the “Please rate me” quick reply
  • Keep adding and requesting listings via the app and ensure that your shares are great!
Can I rate any user?
No, since listings can be very popular on OLIO and some requests are rejected due to too much demand, it would be unfair if people receive low ratings simply for rejecting a request. Therefore we only allow ratings after someone has confirmed that the listing is going to be collected.
How come a "no-show" can give a rating?
Once a pick-up is confirmed, both people can rate each other. If we allowed tapping "no-show" to prevent the other person from being able to give a rating, then the system would quickly be abused by people clicking "no-show" in order to avoid getting a bad rating. In our experience, people who "no-show" rarely take the time to go and give a negative rating. Plus one negative rating doesn't result in a suspension.
Ratings don’t work/I can’t rate another user
If you can’t rate another user, then it will be because the app doesn’t know that you have shared a listing with each other. In order to tell the app that two users have shared a listing, the person who added the listing needs to mark that the other user is picking the listing up – this is done by tapping the purple button within the messaging thread between you both.
My Rating has disappeared?!
  • Check that you're logged into the right account 
  • If you've been suspended then your previous ratings are wiped to give you a fresh start
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