Introduction to Squad Captains

What are Squad Captains?

Squad Captains are the leaders of a team of Food Waste Heroes. They are the main point of contact between the Squad members (i.e. Food Waste Heroes), and OLIO, and help to oversee the Squad’s day-to-day activities. You can read more about the roles and responsibilities of Squad Captains here.

Why do Squads need a Captain?

OLIO has hundreds of Food Waste Hero squads. In order to ensure that collections are running smoothly for all of these, Squad Captains play an essential role in leading the teams and keeping them well organised and reliable. Additionally, Food Waste Heroes need a person to go to in case they have any questions in relation to their surplus food collections.

Why are the longest-standing collectors being automatically appointed as Squad Captain if no one else steps forward?

As it is compulsory for each Squad to have a Captain, we hope that someone steps forward to take on this role. If no one steps forward, the longest-standing collector within the group will automatically be appointed to recognise their experience and commitment to the Squad.

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