How to become a Squad Captain

How do I become a Squad Captain?

All Squad Captains must first be registered as Food Waste Heroes. Once you are registered as a Food Waste Hero, there are different routes you can take depending on whether or not you are already part of a squad.

Follow the steps below:

  • If you are already part of a Food Waste Hero squad that does not yet have a Squad Captain:
    • Please click the link in your squad’s group chat description!
  • If you are not yet part of a Food Waste Hero squad:

Why are the longest-standing collectors being automatically appointed as Squad Captain if no one else steps forward?

As it is compulsory for each Squad to have a Captain, we hope that someone steps forward to take on this role. If no one steps forward, the longest-standing collector within the group will automatically be appointed to recognise their experience and commitment to the Squad.

How many groups can one user be a Squad Captain for?

As many as they think they can manage! We have no limit for groups you can be Squad Captain for but we do ask you to consider how much time you will be able to dedicate to each Squad. We reserve the right to refuse a user leading a group if we have doubts they’re going to meet everyone’s expectations.

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