Food Waste Hero: Allergens

By law, allergen information must always be available to the final consumer. When you list an item as a FWH, a link is provided to our allergen site which details the ingredients in items collected by Food Waste Heroes from our regular businesses. 


My FWH items are from a small, ad-hoc collection. What do I do about allergens?

If you have collected from an event, for example, allergen information should be provided by the business to Food Waste Heroes by one of the following methods:

  1. Digital copy sent by the business to the Food Waste Hero
  2. Hard copy provided by the business to the Food Waste Hero alongside the food collected
  3. Clear allergen labels on pre-packaged and prepared food

Please make sure you do not collect food without the allergen information. You must share it with any OLIOer who asks when requesting a listing from you.

If you have accidentally collected food from a business that has not provided you with allergen information, please email to let us know and then do not list the collection on OLIO.


I have collected loose, unpackaged items with no allergen information from my business. What do I do? 

Please check out our detailed guidance in How to share unpackaged food items

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