Forum Guidelines

What is the Forum section?

This is an area where everyone can be part of OLIO no matter where you live. Think of it as the social media section of OLIO, but there are no fancy ‘algorithms’ that determine who sees what, no ads, just people coming together to make the world a better place and have fun doing it.

What are your guidelines for sharing on the Forum?

OLIO is all about sharing, community and the power of small actions. Here are some guidelines to keep our community the positive, friendly and productive place we want it to be:

  • If you wouldn’t say something in real life, or wouldn’t want to see it printed in a newspaper with your name attached to it, then please don’t say it on OLIO!
  • Please be polite and respectful to other users. We have absolutely zero tolerance for any behaviour that is rude, offensive, inflammatory or incites hatred of any kind whatsoever.
  • Please ensure that all posts remain ‘on topic’. OLIO welcomes posts that fall into the categories provided on the ‘Add Post’ page: Q&A, Spreading the word, Event, Food rescue, Tips & tricks, 0 Waste, OLIO love, Recipes
  • Any advertising or discount codes will be taken down – unless it is for zero waste or sustainable living products, and the post does not feel ‘spammy’. 
  • Any general community posts (e.g. lost cats, requests for plumber recommendations, asking for babysitters/dog walkers) will be taken down. We recommend local Facebook groups or Nextdoor for these conversations.
  • Don't name and shame: if you believe someone is not following OLIO rules, please report them to OLIO using the flag in the top right of your screen.
  • Religious well-wishes are welcome (Merry Christmas, Ramadan Mubarak etc.) but posts that are considered to be preaching will be removed
  • Please do not use the OLIO forum to raise funds even if these are for charity. 
  • Freedom of speech: OLIO is focused on creating a positive and friendly environment for the sharing of food and other household items between neighbours, not in providing a platform for people to exercise their free speech. Comments we deem to be against the above guidelines or simply unconstructive may be taken down.

What does sharing locally or share globally mean?

If you choose to share locally, your forum post will be shown to those within a 25km radius. If you choose to share globally, your forum post will be shared with everyone worldwide except for those in Spanish-speaking countries where we have a separate forum.

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