Acceptable Use Policy

Our Acceptable Use Policy details the actions OLIO may take if a user does not comply with or breaches any of our Terms and Conditions.

Capitalised terms that are used but not defined have the same meaning as set out in our Terms and Conditions.

Unacceptable Behaviour

OLIO reserves the right to take any of the above actions in connection with a user for any unacceptable behaviour detailed below and any other user behaviour, as we see fit.


  • Submitting or displaying content/ behaviour that threatens, abuses or invades another's privacy, causes annoyance, needless anxiety or harassment to any other person (including, but not limited to) other users, and/or OLIO’s employees or contractors. 
  • Prejudice of any kind towards any person, other users and/or OLIO’s employees or contractors.
  • Using the App as a dating app
  • Use of the App by anyone under the age of 18 years old.
  • There should be one OLIO account per person: We understand that not everyone has their own device and/ or requires support to use OLIO so if someone else is taking any part then you must let the other OLIOer know
  • Impersonating OLIO admins in your app profile:
    • Using an OLIO branded profile photo
    • Referencing working for OLIO in a profile description


  • Receiving Consistently Low Ratings: OLIO will suspend a user’s Account if a user receives 3 low ratings (less than 3*) in a one month period AND that user’s average rating over that month is less than 3*.


  • Causing damage to other users’ property.
  • Repeatedly requesting Items and not showing up to collect them.
  • Trying to collect an Item from another user outside of the agreed time period or arriving to collect Items without prior agreement.
  • Not respecting other users’ decisions if they decide to share the Items with someone else.
  • Repeatedly requesting postage or delivery of Items in the free section of the App.
  • Taking an item which is allocated for another user and not returning when requested by the donor
  • Sending another person to collect without permission


  • Contacting OLIO's partnering businesses directly to report an issue. Doing so is against the agreed process, and will not result in your issue being resolved. It may also harm OLIO's relationship with its partners.


  • Sharing Items that are prohibited by OLIO. Guidance on prohibited Items is provided on this OLIO help page.
  • Requesting payment for Items that are listed as free.


  • Stealing Items or anything else from other users.
  • Reselling Items donated by the Food Waste Hero programme or Items that are expressly not for resale.


  • Poor personal or home hygiene that puts other users at a health risk.
  • If a user becomes ill from food poisoning or is otherwise ill due to a Seller’s mishandling of an Item or from not following correct guidance in connection with an Item.


  • If a user impersonates another person or is dishonest about their identity. 
  • Setting up and actively using multiple Accounts.
  • Scamming or being dishonest with any person, other users, and/or OLIO’s employees or contractors.
  • Spamming any person, or other users, and/or OLIO’s employees or contractors: this includes unauthorised advertising or promotional material.


  • If a user insists that other users provide personal information such as phone numbers or email addresses.
  • If a user shares another user’s information, such as their home address, contact details or documents published on a private platform (e.g. WhatsApp) with a third party.


  • If a user infringes or uses without permission, any of OLIO’s intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to, any registered or unregistered trademarks owned by OLIO or its licensors.
  • Copying or re-selling parts of the App and/or Service.
  • Using any information presented on the App, Service or provided to a user by OLIO for any commercial purposes.


  • If you wouldn’t say something in real life, or wouldn’t want to see it printed in a newspaper with your name attached to it, then please don’t say it on OLIO!
  • Please be polite and respectful to other users. We have absolutely zero tolerance for any behaviour that is rude, offensive, inflammatory or incites hatred of any kind whatsoever.
  • Please ensure that all communications remain ‘on topic’.
  • Don't name and shame: if you believe someone is not following OLIO rules, please report them to OLIO using the flag in the top right of your screen.
  • Religious well-wishes are welcome (Merry Christmas, Ramadan Mubarak etc.) but communications that are considered to be preaching will be removed
  • Please do not use OLIO to raise funds even if these are for charity. 
  • Freedom of speech: OLIO is focused on creating a positive and friendly environment for the sharing of food and other household items between neighbours, not in providing a platform for people to exercise their free speech. Comments we deem to be against the above guidelines or simply unconstructive may be taken down.

Actions OLIO may take:

Altering or Deleting Content: OLIO may alter or delete content if such content is incorrect or contrary to the Terms or any of OLIO’s policies. This includes all user Submissions and any other content, listings, posts, comments and messages.

Community complaints: OLIO may tag complaints made by local community members on a user’s profile in cases where accusations of lesser breaches of the Terms are made but without significant supporting evidence. No action will be taken, however, OLIO reserves the right to escalate into a formal  first warning if multiple complaints of a similar nature are received. 

Warning: OLIO may issue a first warning to a user in cases of lesser breaches of,or lack of compliance with the Terms. The first warning will be issued to a user via an OLIO's Little Helper message. A second warning will result in a suspension or ban of the user’s Account. 

Suspension: A user’s Account may be suspended by OLIO for failure to comply with the Terms/policies or for receiving consistently low ratings. Suspension means that the user will be unable to use the core functions of the App for a 30 day period. This includes adding or request listings, as well as not commenting or posting in the forum. 

Account Deletion: If a user breaches the Terms or fails to comply with the Terms/policies, OLIO also has the option to permanently delete a user’s account and all associated data.

Account/User Ban: For serious breaches or repeated breaches of the Terms/policies, OLIO has the option to permanently block a user’s account in the App. In this case, OLIO will retain a part or all of the user’s data to ensure that particular user cannot sign up to the App again. 

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