KFC Pre-Listing & Collections Guide

We’ve recently partnered with KFC to redistribute hot surplus food from a few selected restaurants 7 days a week. It’s a very new and exciting style of collection for FWHs, so hopefully, this page should answer some of the questions on your mind!

For all KFC collections, the food must be pre-listed. Here's a short guide to walk you through the process:

You can download the KFC stock image for pre-listings here

What time should I collect?

All KFC collections take place at the slot collection time, which is 15 minutes before the restaurant closes. Typically this is at 22:45, as a lot of KFC restaurants close at 23:00, but some do have earlier/later closures. It’s important you don’t arrive after your allocated time, as the food may have been frozen and we aren’t able to collect frozen food.

What food can I collect?

You should be offered hot food on your collection - the only exception being desserts. If the staff try to give you frozen food, please politely refuse it, as frozen food should be collected by charities the next day.

How much food can I expect to receive from a collection?

The amount you receive is determined by a lot of factors, such as the size of the restaurant, how busy it’s been and the day of the week. This is why it’s important to never promise particular items when pre-listing, as what a restaurant donates can differ massively from day to day. That being said, there should always be some food available when you go to collect. 

Where do I go to collect the food?

Go to the drive-thru to collect if the restaurant has one. If not, then head to the main restaurant floor.

What if there is an issue with my collection when I arrive at the restaurant?

When you arrive at the restaurant, let the staff know you’re there for the hot food OLIO donation. If the staff seem confused or tell you there’s no food available, then ask for the Shift Manager. If you’re told by the Shift Manager that there’s no food available, report it to us through the Issue Report Form so we can follow up with KFC. This also goes for any other issues with collections, such as the restaurant being closed.

How will the food be given to me?

KFC have created specially made donation bags with the item name and allergens clearly labelled. These are portioned in a way that is easy for you to redistribute – for example, a bag should have 5-10 pieces of chicken, not 40-50. There should also be no mixed items within bags. If there are any issues with this, please report it to us through the Issue Report Form.

Can I share the food the next day?

No, all KFC food must be shared within 1.5 hours of the collection taking place. If any requesters ask to collect the next day, then politely let them know this isn’t allowed.

My local KFC restaurant isn’t on OLIO, can you add it?

Currently, we are only partnered with selected KFC restaurants, but keep your eyes out on the Volunteer Hub as there’s a chance your local restaurant may pop up soon!

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