Food Waste Hero Bullying Policy

Food Waste Heroes play a critical role in making our incredible volunteer programme a success, through interaction with fellow OLIOers across local communities.  To ensure safe sharing and communication between users on the app, OLIO will strive to support members who feel unfairly treated.


What should I do if I have received offensive messages? 

Please use the flag within the app Messages themselves to report any inappropriate messages.


What should I do if I feel that I am being bullied on OLIO? 

Please get in touch using a FWH Issue Report which you can find in the Volunteer Hub, in My Collections tap ‘Report an Issue’ (this can also be found in Documents). Please provide screenshots of any in-app communication in question, as this will help us investigate more quickly. 


What happens when someone is reported for bullying?

OLIO will open an investigation into the claims made in the complaint. 

Clear evidenceIf there is clear evidence of bullying guidelines broken, we will send a warning via email (to the users email that is names on their OLIO profile). If the behaviour continues, we may remove the FWH from the programme.

No clear evidence: If we aren’t able to verify claims made in a complaint, we will make a note on the FWH’s account for future reference. If several people in the local community complain about a specific issue multiple times, we may send FWHs a warning about this issue. Unfortunately we are unable to disclose details of specific complaints. Read more about our complaints and warnings here.


What constitutes bullying?

Any Food Waste Heroes reported for bullying another will be investigated and potentially removed from the volunteering programme if any of the below are found:

Bullying Category Definition 
Intimidating language The directed use of any language that could threaten or intimidate another user or staff member.
Unsolicited contact (virtual or in-person) Unsolicited repeated messages or visits to another user.
Direct swearing The use of any swear words against a user or staff member.
Discrimination/Hate speech Any language or behaviours exhibited that discriminate against another user on the basis of who they may identify as (religion, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, colour, ableism etc).
Harassment  The creation or proliferation of malicious information about another user intended to undermine them.
Abuse of power/ authority  Using the Squad Captain role to make others feel uncomfortable, e.g. telling other FWHs to give up their collections slots, being unwelcoming to newbies, spreading misinformation for personal gain.
Repeatedly belittling someone in a public forum (trolling) 3x repeated incidents of targeted, rude comments directed at another user.
Maliciously sharing personal information without consent Sharing another user’s private details, e.g. address, contact information, in order to negatively impact them.
Direct or subtle threats  Any language or behaviours exhibited that threaten another user either directly, or indirectly.
Offensive gestures The directed use of any offensive gestures towards another user.
Inciting an unfriendly environment  Participating in/encouraging other users to gang up against an individual/group.
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