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This page will be used to update OLIOers with any information relating to product recalls or possible food contamination.  

Wednesday 25th August 2021, West London, UK

On the evening of Wednesday 25th August 2021, an individual was arrested in West London on suspicion of contaminating foodstuffs in 3 supermarkets on Fulham Palace Road. The affected supermarkets are:

Tesco Express, 168 - 188 Fulham Palace Road

Sainsbury’s Local, 179 - 183 Fulham Palace Road

Little Waitrose, 201 - 207 Fulham Palace Road

All stores remain closed, and the Police have advised all items (food and non-food) purchased at any of these stores on the evening of 25th August to be disposed of as a precaution. 

Whilst OLIO’s Food Waste Heroes *do* collect from the affected Tesco store, no collection took place on the evening of Wednesday 25th August. The OLIO team is directly in contact with the Food Waste Hero volunteers who collect from this store to offer support and guidance. While it is unlikely that any affected food has been distributed on OLIO, we are monitoring the situation carefully.

Please refer to this page for future updates. Thank you. 

Link to BBC article: Fulham supermarkets targeted by man with syringes - BBC News

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