Missed Collections

We understand that everyone’s lives are busy and that sometimes unforeseen circumstances can arise that affect your ability to complete your scheduled collection. However, we hope you understand that consistent collections are integral to the success of the Food Waste Heroes programme, so it is essential that we monitor attendance and remove FWHs who are not going to collections. 

Check out our complaints and warning procedures for more information. 

What happens when a FWH misses their collection?

If we receive a report about a FWH missing a collection, will investigate the situation. If the report is accurate, and the missed collection has not been justified clearly in the group chat, we will send the FWH a ''strike'', and if we don't hear back before their next collection (or if they miss the next one) they'll be removed from the slot for someone else to step in and claim. 

FWHs are able to claim more slots after this, however if the FWH continues to miss slots in future, they may be suspended from the FWH programme for 3 months. 


What should I do if I miss my collection? 

If you do miss a collection without skipping or pausing your slot in the Volunteer Hub, please:

📱 Let your Squad know in the relevant group chat (so no one reports you!).

If you have a valid reason for missing your collection, we will make sure this doesn't count against you. 

⚠️ However, if you miss multiple collections without skipping / pausing within a 3 month period, we will share a warning with you. 

⚠️ If you are reported for skipping 3 or more collections within 3 hours of your collection, we will send a  warning .

What happens if someone in my Squad misses a collection?

If someone has missed a collection, without skipping or pausing or justifying in the Squad chat, please:

1️⃣ Submit a FWH Issue Report (accessible in My Collections) using the ''Another FWH no collecting'' category to let us know. 

What if I couldn't collect because of issues in my store?

If there are problems during collections with your store, please submit a  FWH Issue Report and choose a relevant topic to let us know - we'll aim to get in touch with the store to fix it.  

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