Badges on OLIO

What are badges?

Badges are a fun way to engage with the OLIO app! Think about them like medals you can collect, and proudly show to others! You can find all badges in the mobile app in the main menu under ‘My Badges’.

What types of badges are there?

There are two types of badges: 1. Earned badges 2. Claimed badges

What are earned badges?

Earned badges are unlocked automatically as you interact with the OLIO app. For example, when you add your first food listing, the ‘First food’ badge will automatically unlock, and show under ‘My Badges’ in the app!

What are claimed badges?

Unlike earned badges, claimed badges are not rewarded automatically. Instead, you’ll need to complete a certain task to unlock them. For example, to unlock the ‘Earth Day 2021’ badge, you had to share an item during a certain period, and include an earth emoji 🌍 in the title. Most claimed badges can only be claimed over a certain time, so be quick before they’re gone! 😊

How can I see which badges I have or can unlock? 

In the OLIO mobile app, tap the main menu (top right three horizontal lines) then tap ‘My Badges’. Tap on one of the badges to read more about the badge, including how to unlock it.

How can I see which badges someone else unlocked? 

Go to the OLIOer’s profile by tapping their profile picture, then scroll down to ‘Badges’. Tap on a badge to learn more about it.

Info about select badges…

Food Waste Hero ‘run streak’ badge Collect surplus food on a regular basis to unlock the ‘run streak’ badge. Please note your streak will reset when you skip, pause, or miss one of your collections. 

For example, if you collect 1 month in a row, you’ll be awarded with the ‘Collecting for 1 month’ badge. After you’ve collected for 3 months in a row, you’ll be awarded with the ‘Collecting for 3 months’ badges, etc. If you skip, pause, or miss a collection, your run streak will be re-set and the badges will be removed from your profile until you regain them.

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