Pret: what food can and cannot be collected

Can I list items which contain rice from Pret A Manger?
It depends; food items with chilled rice such as salads cannot be distributed via OLIO, but hot food containing rice can be distributed via OLIO. In case you need a refresher, please re- watch the Pret A Manger induction module found on the Volunteer Hub, under ‘Documents’ and ‘Online training videos’.
This includes the  Humous & Falafel Mezee (pictured below):

Can I collect pastries from Pret A Manger
You can collect pastries as long as they have been labelled with allergen information by store staff. To learn more about collecting pastries, please click here.
Can I collect breakfast baguettes from Pret A Manger?
Breakfast baguettes include all items that are NOT kept chilled and are kept on the counter. FWHs cannot collect these items since these items have not been kept at temperature control.
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