​How OLIO and Pret A Manger are working together

How do I know if my local Pret A Manger shop is taking part?

Pret A Manger are dedicated to managing their surplus and redistributing to local communities by way of charity vans or local charities assigned to a collection at the end of the day. Pret A Manger will always give priority to charities to collect. Where charities are unavailable to collect, Pret HQ will ask OLIO directly to recruit for Food Waste Heroes to help! You can check the Volunteer Hub for any available collection slots in your area.

 Can I approach my local Pret A Manger shop?

All collections for Pret A Manger are arranged centrally by their Head Office. If you would like to find out if unsold surplus food is being collected at the end of the day from a particular branch you can pop in and ask the staff. If a local charity already collects from there you can even get involved with them directly if you like! Alternatively, if nobody is collecting unsold surplus food from that branch you can mention to the shop staff to contact Pret HQ about this and we will take it from there.

My local Pret shop has asked me to collect food from them

Please do not collect food from Pret A Manger unless organised through OLIO and you’ve claimed a collection slot through the Volunteer Hub. Instead, please ask the shop manager to speak to the Pret Foundation about OLIO collecting and then once Pret HQ have confirmed we can start recruiting.

My collection slot has disappeared

In the first, instance please head to “My Collections” on the Volunteer Hub and double check that it’s not there. If it’s still not there, please check with your Squad Captain and other Food Waste Heroes in your squad. 

If you are still experiencing problems, please let us know by filling out a FWH Issue Report by tapping ''Report an Issue'' in My Collection Slots on theVolunteer Hub.

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