I have an issue with the business I collect from

I am a Food Waste Hero or Squad Captain. Who do I contact if I have an issue?

Most of the businesses that work with OLIO pay a fee to cover the costs of recruiting, training, and managing the Food Waste Heroes who collect. This is why in the first instance we ask Food Waste Heroes to check the FAQ page for guidance. If this does not produce an appropriate answer, then we ask Food Waste Heroes to contact their Squad Captain for advice.
If your Squad Captain was unable to help you and you still have a concern/complaint or questions, these should be raised with OLIO using the Food Waste Hero Issue Form, so that our team can investigate further.

What if I am a Squad Captain and I have an issue?

We ask that you raise this with OLIO using the Food Waste Hero Issue Report Form, so that our team can investigate further.

How can I contact OLIO?

If you do have a concern, complaint or question about a business or your collection, please:

  • Check if your question can be answered by our FAQ section - it has a search function
  • Raise the issue with the Squad Captain
  • Use the Food Waste Hero Issue Report Form

OLIO will then contact the relevant party to resolve the issue and will respond only if there are further steps to be taken by the FWH/SC.

N.B: If the business in question is a small/independent store that does not pay for OLIO's management, then the Squad Captain will be guided by the OLIO team to liaise with the store directly.

What can I use the Food Waste Hero Issue Report Form for?

We ask that any complaint, concern or feedback in relation to your collection from a business is raised using this form. Examples include:

  • Food Safety
  • Food Quality
  • Another Food Waste Hero not collecting
  • A Food Waste Hero disrupting the positive OLIO environment
  • Store Staff reports
  • Incorrect Details on OLIO’s system
  • OLIO’s Little Helper confirmation message (Tesco only)

We ask you to use this method as this is the most efficient way for OLIO to address your issue as our community of Food Waste Heroes grows.The form also provides valuable insights for areas of improvement across the programme.

What if my concern isn’t listed above?

If your query cannot be found in our FAQ’s then please use the “other” category in the Food Waste Hero Issue Form.

Can I contact the business directly?

No, please don’t contact the business unless instructed to by OLIO. By contacting OLIO about concerns or complaints, we ensure that your issue is addressed in the most efficient manner as our team is equipped to provide the best support to you. Food Waste Heroes contacting businesses directly can have such a disruptive effect on operations that we reserve the right to terminate your collection slot and suspend your account, as outlined in the Volunteering Agreement.

To confirm, we very much welcome constructive criticism, and it should be sent via the above mentioned channels, please.

Can I still interact with business staff at my collection?

Absolutely! :-) In fact, we encourage you to be friendly and sociable with staff members! They play a vital role in tackling food waste and are very much part of our community, and they think you’re totally awesome for collecting and distributing their stores surplus food!

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