Why am I getting ''0 Listings/ Why didn't you list anything'' messages?

First thing to know is that these messages are only intended to help us improve processes, and remind FWHs of any problems with their Listings which could be causing issues. We hope you don't feel persecuted for these 0 Listings messages, because there's always a reason for them and it will not count against you β™‘ your Squad or your collection slot if you have a good reason. 

There reasons you could be getting these messages are: 

1. You listed your items against the wrong collection slot. Don't worry, it happens often! The Collection Slot: drop down has all your slots, with DAYS of the week listed at the start, so please be sure to pick the right one! 

2. You posted your listings 12+ hours before your scheduled collection time or 16+ hours after your collection time. Please do try to get food shared on the day, for food safety reasons. 

3. (Only for Tesco FWHs) You didn't get a confirmation message from Tesco. You will still get these ''0 listing'' messages automatically. Please don't worry! We can see the confirmation didn't come through, so this will not count against you or cause problems with your store. If this happens on 4 consecutive collections please report this using the FWH Issue Form

4. You re-listed your collections using an old listing. But pleeease don’t do this as it detracts from a true representation of our impact. Always create a new listing or just copy an old one! 

5. You wanted to arrange cover, but you forgot! You can arrange cover easily in the Volunteer hub > My Collection Slots > More Info > Skip / Pause.

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