Morning and evening Tesco collections

Why do some Tesco stores have morning collections and others have evening ones?

Tesco have thousands of organisations and groups collecting surplus food across the UK. Where OLIO doesn't have all collection days at a store it's because there are other local charities collecting on the other days. 

Charities prefer to collect in the morning, so that food can be easily distributed to their service users. To avoid confusion for staff, the internal system can only display one collection time currently. So when OLIO collects alongside other organisations every week, we must also collect in the morning.

When OLIO does have all of the collection days at a store, we prefer to set up evening collections so we can collect more food (all ‘use by’ items expiring that day).  But please note, we can only change to evening collections when we have all collection slots.

OLIO receives the schedule and all slot times from Tesco HQ. So can’t change our collection times unfortunately. If a store wants to move OLIO’s collections from morning to evening (or vice versa), they will need to request it internally to Tesco.

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