Morning and evening Tesco collections

Why do some Tesco stores have morning collections and others have evening ones?

Where OLIO doesn't have all collection days at a store it's because there are local charities collecting alongside OLIO. Charities sometimes prefer to collect in the morning. To avoid confusion at a store, OLIO therefore aligns with charities and also schedules for collections to take place in the morning.

However,, when OLIO does have all of the collection days at a store, we prefer to set up evening collections. This is because it allows our Food Waste Heroes to collect more food (all ‘use by’ items expiring that day.) But please note, we can only change to evening collections when we have all collection slots.

Please note OLIO receives its official schedule from Tesco HQ. We therefore can’t change our collection times depending on the store’s preference. If a store wants to move OLIO’s collections from morning to evening (or vice versa), they will need to request it internally to Tesco.

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