Tesco Holiday Food Rescue

What is the Tesco Holiday food rescue?

Tesco is working with local charities and OLIO to distribute as much of their surplus food as possible, however many charities are closed over the festive period. Tesco and OLIO will therefore extend their partnership so that OLIO Food Waste Heroes can fill in these gaps and ensure that as much good food as possible is redistributed over the holiday period. 

How can I take part?

Holiday collection slots will become available to claim on the Volunteer Hub from 15th December. Once slots are live, you can search to see where the collections closest to you are by entering your postcode on our interactive map. The best way to prepare for the holiday collections before December 15th is to make sure you complete your online Food Waste Hero induction training and familiarise yourself with our FAQs so that you are ready to go! Once you’ve claimed a Tesco slot, please read our Tesco specific FAQs if you have any unanswered questions. If you’re not a registered Food Waste Hero yet, just head to the OLIO website to sign up

My regular collection is due to take place over the holiday period, will it still go ahead as normal?

Yes, all of our regular, ongoing collection slots will continue over the festive period alongside our additional Holiday Food Rescue collections. If you are due to collect on a day with restricted store opening times then please note that the time of your collection might change accordingly. We will receive details of any time changes on 15th December, so please visit the Volunteer Hub after this date to check

What will happen after the holidays?

We will continue to work with Tesco on an ongoing basis to fill gaps where charities are not able to collect food across Tesco stores nationwide. The stores and days might change after the 3rd of January, so if you can’t collect over the festive period but want to help from early January, please head back to the Volunteer Hub then to check if any slots are available.

How much surplus food will Tesco have?

Amounts will vary depending on the size of the store and how much surplus they have on any given day.

What food will Tesco donate?

You can expect all types of food; ambient and chilled. If you need a refresher on handling different food types please read the guidelines again. If your collection is in the morning then please note that only ambient items will be offered for collection as they will be from the day before.

Do I need a cooling bag?

No, cooling bags are not mandatory but you are welcome to use one if you’d like.

What if I can’t see any slots for my local Tesco store?

Please make sure you are only searching for Christmas collection slots after 15th December, as you will not be able to see them before this date.  If you cannot see any slots from your local Tesco store, it’s possible that the store is being serviced by a charity or the slots have been already filled by other OLIOers.

Can I approach my local Tesco store and sign them up?

Collections for Tesco are organised centrally by OLIO. Please do not approach a store and inquire about OLIO. Instead please check on the Volunteer Hub whether it is participating.

Do I need a car?

No! A car is not mandatory but it might be useful for large collections. Please make sure you have sturdy bags with you.

What time are the Tesco pick-ups?

Collection times might vary during the festive period due to reduced opening hours. Such changes will be reflected in the Volunteer Hub. If you are in any doubt, please check your collection slot on the Volunteer Hub and the store’s opening hours here: https://www.tesco.com/store-locator/uk/

What days are the Tesco pick-ups?

Please check which days are available on the Volunteer Hub – Available Collection Slots. The holiday collection slots will be made available to claim from the 15th of December.

How long do I have to distribute?

Distribution times are explained in the Food Waste Hero training materials which you can find on the Volunteer Hub.  Chilled and ambient food must be distributed within 24 hours, unless the food has a use-by date, in which case it must be distributed before midnight on that date.

How will COVID-19 affect my collection?

Collections will still continue as normal, however please make sure you follow the Government social distancing guidelines and wear a face covering when collecting. If there are large queues to enter the store, please show the staff member at the door your Food Waste Hero ID badge, this will allow you to bypass the queue and continue your collection.

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