Problems with your Tesco collection

If you need to get in touch with OLIO about your collection, please use our FWH Issue Report form

What should I do if I don't receive confirmation messages from my store?

If your Tesco store doesn't send a confirmation message this might be due to low amounts of food or the store manager not being familiar with the 'surplus food' process. If the store has failed to communicate on more than 4 consecutive scheduled collections then please let us know.

What should I do if the Tesco store manager is asking me to collect at a different time than what I am officially down for?

The collection times in OLIO's system are set by Tesco HQ and are updated every Monday (if needed, most will stay the same). 

If the store manager has a preference for a slightly earlier or later pick-up then this is at the discretion of your squad. 

If the store manager is asking for the collection to happen the evening before or the morning after your official scheduled collection, then they need to request this adjustment with their managers internally as OLIO is not able to make changes to the schedule.

What should I do if the staff at the store doesn't know about OLIO?

Thousands of Tesco stores across the UK are joining OLIO and although all stores have received communications about us, sometimes it takes a bit of time for the message to reach everyone and for the name, OLIO, to stick :) 

Although the stores might not know us by name, they should already be familiar with the process for donating 'surplus food' so you could try to change the language to be more generic. 

For example instead of saying  "I am from OLIO", you could try "I am here for the surplus food collection"

Our partnership with Tesco has been announced in the media as well and all the information they need is available to them internally (on their Help Desk) so gently suggest they look for it as they now have a team of local volunteers who are ready to help them save food from going to waste.

What should I do if my Tesco store is not following the correct processes?

You could strike a friendship with the store managers of your Tesco store and find out whether they understand the correct process for dealing with surplus food.

All the information they need is available to them internally so all they have to do is check. We find that since, we at OLIO don't have direct contact with the stores, but rather go via Tesco HQ, the fastest and most effective way to solve issues is to connect directly with the store managers via our FWHs.

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