Reporting issues about your collection

To report issues about your collection

Please use our quick and easy FWH Issue Report Form by clicking 'Something wrong' on your Volunteer Hub to report any sort of issues related to your collection to us.

This can include:

  • Food Safety (i.e. food was shared by business past its use-by date)
  • Food Quality (i.e. food was squashed/damaged)
  • Another Food Waste Hero not collecting
  • Another Food Waste Hero disrupting the positive OLIO environment
  • Store Staff 
  • Details about collections on the app
  • OLIO's Little Helper

We will review all reports, and raise them with the business you are collecting from if necessary. Please note we will only get back to you if further information is required.

To report anything else

Take a look at our reporting guide to learn how to flag problems in the OLIO app.

You can click 🏳 on any content (or 3 dots on a message) to send a report to OLIO. We will review the content and take action if necessary.

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