Use by and best before dates for FWHs

'Use by & 'best before' 📅

  • Food must not be shared past the 'use by' date. Please ensure that such items are listed for the correct amount of time by selecting the appropriate time frame under “List for” when adding your listing. 'Use by' items must be requested and collected before the 'use by' date expires.
  • Ambient food with a ‘best before’ date can be shared beyond that date
  • Chilled food with a ‘best before’ date can be shared after the date but must still be shared within 24 hours of collection.
  • If a specific collection slot has stricter timing rules in place, these should always be followed first, for example when distributing hot food
  • When listing an item with a 'use by' date, please include an image of this date in your listing to give other OLIO-ers full visibility. You can add multiple photos to a listing, so this doesn't have to be the main photo!

Examples of date labels:





How do I list an item and automatically take it down on the use by date?

When adding an item, you can set the "list for" time to match the end of the use by date.


Kate is a Food Waste Hero who picks up a prepared salad bag during her 6pm collection slot with a Use By date on that same day.  Kate takes the salad home and lists it straightaway for collection before midnight. It cannot be collected by the requester after midnight on the Use By date under any circumstances. 

Please note that once the requester collects the food, it's their choice how and when they consume it (they may choose to eat something past the Use By date if they wish).

What do I do if I spot a listing on OLIO that is past its use by date?

Please report any listings that are available on OLIO beyond their use by date. For more information about how to report items, please check out our Reporting on OLIO FAQ. 

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