Sharing away from your home kitchen

Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, ALL items must be shared from your home address using “no-contact” pickups.

Can I share items immediately after collecting them?

After collecting items from a business, you have up to 2 hours to transport them home. During this time, you can try to distribute them through the app if you have permission at an indoor location such as a community centre, office etc. You cannot distribute items near to the business you collected from or from an outdoor public space like a train station.

I don’t want to share my home address, can I distribute items from somewhere else?

Although OLIO is focused on growing local communities, we totally understand some FWHs will not want to share their home address. Don’t worry, you can share food from a convenient place near your home as long as it is transported in a chill/ cool bag. This is because temperature-controlled (hot or cold) food that has been transported home, chilled and stored in your fridge, cannot be taken out of the chill-chain again. If no handwashing facilities are available at your chosen location, please use hand sanitiser and/ or tongs when handling unsealed items.

Can I deliver/take surplus items to others with me the following day?

Only if food has not been requested and you are concerned that the food will go to waste.In this case, you could  deliver/ take surplus items to a homeless shelter or to share at work within the time restraints explained above. You will need to make sure items are requested in the app and given directly to the requester - don’t leave items in a communal space. As above, if you’re sharing temperature-controlled food, this will be a second period outside of the fridge, therefore, a chill/cool bag is essential.

Remember, all of the FWH food safety training materials are available on the Volunteer Hub.
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