Swapping collections

How do I swap slots?

If you want to permanently swap your collection slot with a fellow FWH within your squad, you can do this on the Volunteer Hub. Please head to 'My Collections', tap 'more info' for the slot you want to swap and then tap 'swap collection' towards the bottom of the page. Please note swapping slots happens immediately, so you must agree in writing first with the person you're swapping with.

Can I swap my collection slot with a member of another squad?

At the moment you can only swap within the same squad, to ensure the person you swap with has all the relevant details and the same training like you. If two Food Waste Heroes from different squads want to exchange slots, they will need to unassign themselves from their collections and claim the other person’s slot once it becomes available in the Volunteer Hub. Please be aware that in these instances it might be that both FWHs require additional training, and that in the meantime the slot could get claimed by a third person.

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