OLIO collections and charities

Why have I lost my collection to a charity?

Whenever a charity is able to take on slots currently assigned to OLIO, they will always take precedence and replace the OLIO Food Waste Hero. 

We know how disappointing must be to lose a collection slot from one day to another. Unfortunately, we receive very little notice from businesses about this.

Hopefully, new collection slots will soon become available in your area and you will be able to start collecting again. Remember to update your notification settings to be alerted as to when a new slot becomes available.

What to do if my Tesco store tells me that charities are not collecting

The only way that a slot can be unassigned from a charity if they are not collecting is if the store raises the issue with Tesco HQ. OLIO do not have the power to change the collection schedule, so FWHs should not email  OLIO to request this change. 

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