Squad Starter: how to register businesses

What do I need to do to register a business I've asked to join OLIO?

In order to get a new business registered on our system, we need a few pieces of essential information from the store. These are:

  1. Signed food business donor agreement
  2. Allergen information from the business
  3. Collection schedule as requested by the business

Please download these documents from our website. We suggest that you print them off ready to take to the store and get them filled in and signed whilst you’re there. Allergen information can also be provided in other forms as explained below. Once you have the documents ready, please send them in via the link on the page to OLIO.

As a reminder, Squad Starters should only approach independent stores, as OLIO HQ is organising agreements with  larger chains (i.e. 3+ locations).

How do I submit the documents to OLIO?

Please email them to us at volunteer@oliox.com and confirm if you’re happy to be the Squad Captain of your new Squad!

What happens after I’ve submitted the Squad Starter documents?

  • We will check the completion of your documents.
  • We will set up the new squad on our system.
  • You will confirm with the business that collections are ready to begin.

What is the food business donor agreement?

The food business donor agreement is a contract between the business and OLIO that outlines each party's mutual responsibilities to ensure safe food sharing. This must be signed by the food business and submitted to OLIO before collections can begin.


Why do you need the allergen information from businesses and which formats can I provide this in?

It is against the law to not declare allergen information. Businesses must provide this to you if you ask. We can accept a high-resolution photograph of the allergen information (clearly legible), or a document if the business can email it to you. Otherwise, the business must fill in the allergen information of their products on the document we provide on this page. All allergen information from businesses we collect from will be made available on our website.


What is the business collection schedule?

The business collection schedule is a document to gather important information about the specifics of collection from a business. This includes agreed collection times, business contact information, food types, and whether or not a FWH should call ahead. You can fill this in with the agreement of the business, and can also request which day you would like to collect once the collections are set to begin.

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