Squad Starter: registering businesses with OLIO

What do I need to do to register a business I've convinced to OLIO?

In order to get a new business registered on our system, we need a few pieces of essential information from the store. These are:

  1. Signed food business donor agreement
  2. Allergen information from the business
  3. Collection schedule as requested by the business

Please visit this page to download the above documents. We suggest that you print them off ready to take to the store and get them filled in and signed whilst you’re there. 

How do I submit the documents to OLIO?

Click to send the above 3 documents to OLIO and confirm if you’re happy to be the Squad Captain.

What happens after I’ve submitted the Squad Starter documents?

  • We will check the completion of your documents
  • We will set up the new squad on our system
  • You will confirm with the business that collections are ready to begin
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