Squad Starter: common questions

The business says they don’t have surplus food all the time. What should I do?

Food Waste Heroes collect from many businesses which don’t have surplus food every day. Tell the business that the Food Waste Heroes can call ahead (about 1 hour before the collection time) to check if there is a collection needed that day.

If a business has extremely irregular surplus e.g. only when they clean out their store cupboard or fridges, then you can direct them to request a one-off Food Rescue by filling in the form as and when needed.

The business says they’re not allowed to give away any unsold surplus food. What should I do?

Ask the business why they’re not allowed to give away unsold food. If it’s because they’re concerned about food safety, please refer to the question below. If they’re concerned about giving away food for free that could otherwise be sold, reassure them that OLIO’s Food Waste Heroes will only take food that can no longer be sold as the final step to save it from the bin.

The business is concerned someone could fall ill from the food they give away via OLIO. What should I do?

OLIO has a local-authority-approved Food Safety Management System, including a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) study, and further practical guidelines. All Food Waste Heroes undergo food safety training as part of their registration process.

The Food Business Donor Agreement outlines food safety responsibilities of the business, the Food Waste Hero, and OLIO. The business is responsible for food safety up until it is collected by the Food Waste Hero, after which the food business is no longer liable.

I have approached a business and they’ve said ‘no’. What do I do next?

Don’t be disheartened by a rejection! It might take several no’s from businesses to get one yes so just keep going! If you’d like extra support to help you along the process, just get in touch.

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