Squad Starters

What is a Squad Starter?

A Squad Starter is an OLIOer who has approached a local business themselves and has signed them up to OLIO so that Food Waste Heroes can save their surplus food from going to waste by distributing it to the local OLIO Community via the app. 

Who can be a Squad Starter?

Anyone! If you’re an OLIOer and you want to get involved and help a local business become zero-edible-waste, we’d love you to become a Squad Starter. Just note that you must take the food safety training by registering as a Food Waste Hero before you can register as a Squad Starter.

Why does OLIO HQ want OLIOers to sign up businesses themselves?

OLIO has a small team, and though we’d love to, we simply don’t have the capacity to sign up thousands of smaller businesses for free surplus food collections. But the reality is that we have to make as many local businesses join OLIO to achieve our mission to reduce the amount of food that is wasted in our communities. That’s why we’re relying on our Squad Starters to kickstart things in their local communities and bring small local businesses onto OLIO.

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