Lockdown guidance for Food Waste Heroes and Squad Captains

Please see below essential information regarding surplus food collections from businesses in the UK:


Whether you've already experienced any of the local lockdowns in the UK whilst being a Food Waste Hero with OLIO or not, we wanted to reassure you that you can continue to volunteer with OLIO during periods of lockdown. Volunteering is specifically mentioned as an activity that should continue, or may continue if it is exercised as a daily outdoor activity. Please follow your local guidelines, and refer to our comprehensive Covid-19 FAQ.

Covid-19 FAQs


If the business you're collecting from must close due to local lockdown restrictions, we will inform you via an OLIO's Little Helper message as soon as the business informs us. We will pause your collections for you, and your collections will resume when the business re-opens. We will let you know the date of the last collection at the business and the re-opening date. If you cannot re-start your collection when the business re-opens, please 'unassign' yourself on the Volunteer Hub.

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If you know someone who works at a food business that must close due to local lockdown restrictions, please let them know about OLIO, and that Food Waste Heroes might be able to collect their surplus food shortly before their closing date.

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If someone requires you to show proof of your volunteering activity with OLIO, or if having something written puts your mind at ease, please feel free to use our 'proof of volunteering' template which you can fill in and print at home/save off on your phone.

Proof of volunteering


Lastly, we'd like to let you know that we're receiving many messages every single week from people who say they're benefitting from OLIO on a mental and physical level, and that you all are making a huge difference to their lives. Thank you for that, we think you're true heroes!

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Stay safe!

<3 Team OLIO

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