Food Waste Hero for Tesco

Why are Food Waste Heroes collecting surplus food from Tesco?

Tesco is working with local charities to distribute as much of their surplus food as possible, however, there are Tesco stores where no local charity is available to collect any surplus food. Tesco and OLIO have therefore partnered so that OLIO Food Waste Heroes can come to the rescue and ensure that as much good food as possible gets saved from the bin!

Why is the food not going to charities?

Almost all of Tesco’s surplus food is going to charities. However, in some areas and stores there are no charities available. To avoid the food going to waste, OLIO Food Waste Heroes come to the rescue and collect the surplus food instead. Whenever a charity is able to take on collection days currently assigned to OLIO, they will take precedence and replace OLIO. If this happens to a Food Waste Hero’s slot, they will be notified immediately in their group chat.

How long will the collections go on for?

Due to the huge success of OLIO’s and Tesco’s partnership, both organizations agreed to scale up across the UK, to all of Tesco’s 2,700+ stores - yay! This means that by spring 2021, OLIO Food Waste Heroes will be collecting from all Tesco stores that aren’t serviced daily by charities, and hundreds of thousands of items of food will be rescued every single month. This is all thanks to OLIO Food Waste Heroes and Tesco staff making the necessary efforts to ensure good food, that is unwanted by charities, is distributed to local communities instead.

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