Craft items you can/ can't sell on MADE

What can I sell?

⚙️Handmade crafts with all appropriate certifications (please check your local regulations)


What can't I sell?

💽  Digital content (PDF files, online greeting cards included)

☢️  Controlled substances. Click here for more information. 

⚔️  Weapons & fireworks

🐶 Pets or live animals

🦌 Taxidermy or animal parts (leather products are OK)

🛠️ Reselling an item handmade by anyone not living in your household

©️  Items that infringe copyright. Click here for more information 

🔞  Violent or graphic content

🎁 Assembled items

A gift basket or a hamper may be sold on the OLIO ‘Made’ section, however the majority of items contained within it need to be handmade, and the inclusion of single-use plastic items should ideally be avoided. 

🛋️ Assembled furniture

The furniture can be shared if it's significantly changed from the original product.


Vintage items can only be sold on OLIO as handmade if they have been substantially upcycled, reupholstered, painted, printed or decoupaged.

In addition to our Handmade policy, any items for sale under the ‘Made’ section of OLIO must not be in contravention of our Terms and Conditions or our Acceptable Use Policy.

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