Food items you can/ can't sell on MADE

What can I sell?

🍱 Homemade food from a licensed kitchen (For outside UK, check your local regulations)

🍐 Homegrown fruit/ veg (No registration needed in the UK, check local guidelines)

πŸ₯š Homegrown produce (No registration needed in the UK, check local guidelines)

What can't I sell?

🍺  Alcohol - small amounts can be included in homemade chocolates, cakes etc.

☒️  Controlled substances. Click here for more information

🎁 Hampers & assembled items

Hampers of prepacked food (e.g. chocolate bars, packets of crisps...) packaged in mainly single-use plastics will be removed. 

🏭  Reselling an item homemade by anyone not living in your household

In addition to our Handmade policy, any items for sale under the β€˜Made’ section of OLIO must not be in contravention of our Terms and Conditions or our Acceptable Use Policy.

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