Collection, Cancellations & Returns


  • Please do not post items or request that items are posted to you as OLIO is focused on connecting local communities. Posting items can also lead to a higher risk of scamming.
  • We suggest collecting from your neighbours home and following our COVID guidelines for no-contact pick ups
  • The seller may offer local delivery. This should be included in the listing under "Pickup times".

Refunds and returns

Items sold on OLIO are subject to a minimum 14 day period in which the buyer can request a refund for any reason. This does not apply to:

  • Custom or personalised items (Which could not easily be resold)
  • Food or perishable items
  • Items that have clear signs of use and can no longer be sold.

You must also offer a refund if the item is:

  • Faulty/ Not fit for purpose
  • Not as described
  • You do not have a legal right to sell the item

For more information please check:

Delays and cancellations 

You should communicate as quickly and clearly as possible if there will be a delay to a customer’s order, or if a collection time needs to be changed.

If an order is delayed more than once, a full refund should be provided


Disputes that arise should be discussed privately between OLIOers.

If you feel another user has acted improperly during your transaction, or where they may have breached our Terms and Conditions or Acceptable Use policy (LINK), you should report this to OLIO customer service and we may take action as we see fit.

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