Safe Buying

OLIO does not provide any in-built payment system for purchasing ‘Made’ items and there are currently no fees to buy or sell. Payment is organised outside of the app and is a private arrangement between OLIOers. 

Here are our top 5 tips to make your transactions as smooth and safe as possible!

1. Research the maker's profile

  • check if they have a refund policy either in their profile or in the item description. If not, ask!

2. Agree the total cost, including any deposits and payment method in writing before confirming the purchase.

  • ask as many questions as you need to about the items for sale so you know exactly what to expect, especially if it is a higher value item.

3. Pay by cash or card 

  • agree in advance which payment method you will use
  • many sellers will offer handheld card payment devices
  • don’t share your card details with someone in messaging

4. Pay in person

  • whether you are paying in cash or via card payment, you should do this at the point of handover 
  • once payment has been made, the product should be exchanged
  • due to COVID restrictions, make sure to organise a no-contact pickup

5. Support & returns

  • make sure you have agreed a refund policy in advance
  • you have 14 days after purchasing the product to request a refund for any reason
    • this does not apply to custom or personalised items or perishable food/ plants
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