How to collect loose or unpackaged bakery items

When you’re collecting food, you must always check for allergen information. This can be provided in the following ways:

  • packaged products will have a label containing ingredients & allergen OR the name of the item will be indicated on the packaging and the allergen information can be found on OLIO’s allergen page
  • some catering companies or businesses with frequently changing menus/ one-off collections will give you a hard copy of the allergen information

However, if the store offers you loose bakery items, you may collect it if you follow the below instructions:


  • identify unlabelled loose bakery items if no name of the item is stated on the container or bag


  • bring bags and ask the store to bag the items for you. If they will not do this, please use either tongs, sanitised hands and/or gloves
  • state a generalised title for listings e.g. ‘Variety of baked items’ or ‘Mixed pastries’, please never assume what the item is
  • make sure that the requester is aware you cannot identify specific products - leave it up to the requestor to identify the products themselves. 

Even if it’s clear to you what the item is, please do not state the name in the listing. There is a possibility that you could identify the wrong item and this could cause someone to have an allergic reaction to an ingredient.

Example listing

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