How goals work

How do I complete a goal?

  • Swipe right on a goal to accept it 👉
  • It’s added to your ‘to do’ list which you can access by clicking the ✌ in the top of the screen

Why am I only allowed 3 goals on my to-do list?

  • 3 is a magic number 
  • We also find that setting yourself a reasonable target makes it much easier to achieve your goals!

What happens if I want to do a goal again?

  • Currently, goals can only be completed once
  • In the future, we’ll make it possible to repeat goals

Can I cheat on the goals?

  • You could confirm you’ve completed the challenge without actually doing it 😲
  • BUT, that isn’t going to save the planet 😀

Can I suggest a goal?

How can I share a goal on social media?

  • We’ll be adding a 'share to' feature shortly

How can I remove a goal from my to-do list?

  • Swipe left on the goal and you’ll see the option to delete it 👈
  • This puts it back in the main pack of goals

Why can’t I see my points on my personal profile?

  • We’ll be adding this to your profile shortly
  • For now, your points are shown in the goals section ✌

My points have disappeared - where have they gone?

  • This is most likely because you've logged into OLIO with another account
  • Please log out and log back in again

Can I hide a goal? 

  • You might want to hide a goal - for instance, if you're already vegan, a meat-free monday might seem a bit pointless! 
  • You cannot hide goals at the moment but we hope to build this feature at some point in the future

How can I turn off notifications for goals?

  • Go to the menu ≡, then notifications, and adjust the “marketing messages option”

I still have some more questions about goals

  • Check out these other goals FAQs here
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