“Wanted” is where you can ask for something specific that might be available for free, to borrow, or to be made by a local artisan.

What can I put in the WANTED section?
  • Free items - Any food or other household item that you would like and that someone else might be prepared to give away for free. Always ask for something specific e.g. ‘lemons’, ‘bubble wrap’ ‘a camping chair’, and use a photo from the internet so it’s clear exactly what you’re looking for
  • Borrowed items - You can ask to borrow everyday household items such as a drill, a cat carrier or an ice cream maker. Please be aware the lender may require a cash deposit. You can read more about how Borrow works HERE
  • Homemade items - You can ask if someone local can make something specific for you e.g. some birthday cupcakes, a handmade headband, a personalised portrait etc
What can’t I put  in  the WANTED section?
Check our prohibited items list here, but this includes: 
  • A service (eg, “I’d like a dog walker/plumber/electrician”)
  • A non specific request (eg “I need any food” or “Give me what you don’t want”)
  • Money

Please note that restrictions are currently in place due to COVID-19 - click here

Does WANTED have to be free?
No, you can request for a local chef to bake you a birthday cake on OLIO Made
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