10 steps to create the perfect OLIO listing

 Step 1 - What to share

Firstly, you need to check that what you’d like to share complies with OLIO’s ‘what can and cannot be added’ - click here to check the guidelines. 

Step 2 - Add your listing

To add a listing, you need to press the purple button at the bottom of the app’s home screen.

Step 3 - Choose a category

Ensure you select either "Free" or "Made" and then ‘Food’ or ‘Non-food’. The ‘wanted listing’ button is kept unmarked (you only select this when you’re looking for a particular item). 

Step 4 - Give it a title

For the title, you’ll need to choose something clear and appealing e.g. ‘Apples freshly picked from my garden’ or ‘Baguettes kindly donated by Tesco’, the more eye-catching the title the more likely it is you will receive a request!

Step 5 - Write a description 

In the description, please state the following:

QUANTITY - you can simply write the number X item name

QUALITY – freshly prepared, stale, bruised, (anything that you share still needs to be safe to eat!)

DATE – best-before or use-by dates if available, please note that by law you cannot share food past its ‘use-by’ date. If possible, please choose a photo where the use by/best before date is clearly visible:

Here’s an example:

2 X Trio of Olive Bloomer (best before 06 July 2021)

Step 6 - Choose pick up times

Please add your preferred pick up times and ensure that you don’t offer a time that is past the use-by date. *TIP* try to be as flexible as you can offering at least a couple of hours window.

Step 7 - Set expiry

Adders can choose how long they’d like the listing to be up for, ranging from 1 – 8 hours or 1 – 28 days. Please choose the appropriate ‘list for’ time.

For example, if you have food that has a use-by date today, you must ensure it’s unlisted by midnight of today. Therefore, if you add at 7pm you should select ‘5 hours’ for the duration to be listed.

For items that have a best-before date, these can be distributed within 24 hours once posted so in this instance you can select ‘1 day’. 

After the time set, if you haven’t received a request the listing will be automatically unlisted.

Step 8 - Delay or no delay?

When adding listings, you have the option to allow all users to see your listings immediately OR give the opportunity for newbies to see your listings first.  To allow all users to see your listings you must select ‘no delay’. If you want to give newbies first dibs, you can choose either a 1 or 2 hour delay. OLIO recommends showing to newbies first as this gives any new users a chance to request and hopefully give them a great first experience! 😊

Step 9 - Add your location

(You’re nearly there!) Please check your ‘pick up location’ is set correctly. It’s best that you press the ‘locate me’ button and ‘set pick up location’ button so that your listing will be added against your most recent location. N.B. if you update your location on the app under the location settings, this doesn’t automatically update your listings on the app. 

Step 10 - Finally, submit!

Finally, once you’ve completed all the fields press ‘submit’. Once submitted, a page will pop up with a green tick to confirm your listing has been successfully uploaded. Then when you receive your first request, you can start arranging the collection – woohoo! More than half of all listings on OLIO are requested within the first 60 minutes, and more than 80% within 24 hours.

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