Lost or missing messages: Accessing your archived messages

If certain messages or conversations are missing from your inbox, there are 3 possible reasons:

1. The messages are archived or saved for later

To access your archived messages:

  • Go to Messages section of the app
  • Tap the 'filter' icon in the top left-hand corner 
  • Tap 'Include archived messages'.
  • Return to your messaging inbox and you will be able to see all your archived messages.
To archive a conversation, swipe left on the conversation from within the messages inbox

2. You have two accounts on OLIO and have logged into the wrong one by mistake

  • To log into your other account, first log out by tapping the menu icon ≡, then go to Account then log out. 
  • Then you will be able to log in again (NB don't sign up again)

3. The other user has deleted their account/their account has been deleted and so all the messages are gone

  • If the above options do not help you to find the message, it's likely that the other user has deleted their account.
  • This is more likely with new accounts so we recommend looking at a profile before sharing.
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