SMS verification

What does it mean?

SMS verification links your OLIO account to a mobile phone number. On adding/requesting a listing, or posting/commenting in the Forum, new OLIOers will first have to enter a mobile number in order to receive an SMS which will verify their account. Current OLIOers will also need to verify their accounts and will have a 1 month grace period in which to do so.

Why are we adding this feature?

Although the vast majority of OLIOers are wonderful, occasionally we see individuals ruining the experience for others by posting inappropriate or offensive content, or creating false accounts. We recognize just how important trust and safety is for our community, and crucially this feature allows us to ban a user’s phone number - making it much harder for a banned user to create a new account. The use of SMS verification is used by many apps and is a known deterrent to bad actors.

Who can see my phone number?

The number you provide for mobile verification is used for mobile verification only and is not publicly available.

What if I don’t have a phone?

SMS verification requires that all active users have access to a mobile phone, even if using the web app (NB it doesn’t have to be a smartphone). Whilst we recognise that this may sadly prevent a very small minority of people from being able to use OLIO, we believe that this feature is critical to keep OLIO pleasant and safe for all to use.

My number has changed, do I need to register again?

When your number changes, there is no need to register again under a new number. You will be able to continue using OLIO as a verified user

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