Blocking users on OLIO

To block a user, click the flag (🏳) on their profile and choose "Block". To unblock an OLIOer, please contact us using the "need help?" button on this page.

When you block another OLIOer, they will no longer be able to see or request any of your listings, and they will also not be able to see any of your posts or comments in the forum. They will not be notified that you have blocked them. 

If you receive a notification for a listing but the listing has been removed, it's likely that it has been added by someone who has blocked you.

For Food Waste Heroes, please note that the blocked user will still be able to message you in a group chat in which you are active, and access your profile from that group chat (which means that they may be able to deduce that you have blocked them if they see no listings on your profile). In addition, Squad Captains cannot be blocked by members of their squad, and will be unblocked by OLIO.

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