Impact, Activity and Responsiveness

Actions, however big or small, and taking initiative are core OLIO values. We've been working on translating the amazing contribution of OLIOers into stats that you can relate to. Your impact screen is your data centre and here you can learn more about how we calculate these statistics.

Impact screen

How do you calculate “People shared with”?

This is the total number of OLIOers you’ve had a share with. A share is counted whenever it is confirmed that a share is taking place in the messaging thread between two users for a particular listing.

How do you calculate “Meals saved”?

The average personal food listing has been estimated to contain 1.683 meal equivalents, based on 0.42 kg of food per meal equivalent, and 0.707kg of food per listing.

The estimated impact per Food Waste Hero listing varies depending on the business from where the food was collected.

How do you calculate “Water saved”?

By saving food, we also save the water that was used to grow and process that food. Based on data from a WRAP report “The water and carbon footprint of household food and drink waste in the UK”, the average personal food listing requires 528 litres of water (assuming an average listing weighs 0.707kg, which is calculated via sampling analysis).

The estimated impact per Food Waste Hero listing varies depending on the business from where the food was collected.

What is "money saved" and how is it calculated?

If you have collected food from another user, you will see the value of the money you have saved on your Impact page, which you can access via the mobile app's menu. Currently, this applies to UK, Jersey & Guernsey users only. 

The average amount of money saved per pickup was calculated by analysing the value of a representative sample of 1,000 listings, and from that the value of an average pickup. 

What is "responsiveness" and how is it calculated?
Responsiveness data is only shown for users who have added at least 1 listing. It is calculated every 2 hours to avoid sudden changes, as follows:
  • Replies to x % of requests - this is based on replies to the last 11 requests received
  • Typically replies in x hours - this is calculated as the median of time to respond for the last 11 requests received

Are non-food listings included in water saved?

No. Non-food listings vary considerably in size and material, so we are not able to provide average water saved at present.

Does “Listings offered” and “Listings received” contain both food and non-food?

Yes.  However,  it does not include 'Wanted' listings.

Keeping impact calculations up-to-date

These impact calculations are reviewed periodically. The impact values shown on this page are those applied to all new listings added to OLIO from 1 May 2020 onward. Different values apply to historic listings.