How to share food on OLIO as a Food Waste Hero

Share widely

The food you collect from a business  must only be shared with people who request it via the OLIO app. If you'd like to share with other groups, please request they download the app and request as usual. Share as widely as possible, and consider giving priority to newbies (using the ''show to all users'' drop-down - and setting a delay when you list) so they have a great experience!

Share in good time

We know collections can be hectic sometimes! 😅 But please do try and share at a reasonable hour, for a reasonable amount of time. i.e. sharing at 22:55 or 24 minutes could make it difficult for other OLIOers to see your listing and request.


List different food separately

Divide your collection into as many separate listings as possible, so it's clear for requesters, whilst grouping similar items together ( see below on how to indicate how much you are giving away of each item). For example, if you collect:

  • 10 cheese sandwiches
  • 5 ham sandwiches
  • 3 yoghurt pots
  • 2 pastries

    you can post this as 3 listings (sandwiches, yoghurt pots, and pastries) and indicate that there are different types of sandwiches in the item description OR you can post this as 4 listings by separating the cheese and ham sandwiches - it's up to you!

⚠️ However, please do not create listings with large groups of mixed items, as these posts become less attractive, less obvious and less easy for people to view and request.

 E.G. posting a ‘’Chilled items’’ listing containing: salad leaves, stir fry, fruit boxes, ham, milk, custard and pasta salad is not easy for people to request, or for you to manage!

📸 Remember to make each listing appealing and use a nice, clear photograph (or stock image if this has been provided).

Indicate how much you are giving away of each item

To ensure your impact is calculated accurately, please indicate how many items there are in your listing. If you create one listing to give away 5 different sandwiches, please tap '5'. if you create one listing to give away 20 bananas. In this case please type '20' in the text box as shown below.

Please note that  this isn't a stock/inventory counter, and it doesn't automatically reduce how many items are still available based on the number you've already given to someone else.

List against your collection slot

You must select the correct ‘collection slot’ from the drop down menu when adding a listing to ensure that the food collected is accurately tracked against your slot. If you have many, check for the correct DAY at the beginning of the slot. This is critical to enable us to keep track of the food, and will be shown to your whole squad in the group chat to display the amazing work you’re doing! Take a look at our video tutorial on how to do this.

*Please note that it is not currently possible to list non-food items against a collection slot, so if you are collecting non-food items from a business, please post them as 'Food' instead.

Set the expiry date

Remember to set the expiry for the listing to ensure that the food is not available on the OLIO app past the safe sharing time frame. Please refer to our guidance on these time frames in the ‘Sharing food safely’ section. This will ensure your listing will automatically become unlisted at a certain time (if you haven’t already finalised the pickup) and saves you from having to unlist each listing yourself.

Finalise pickups

Ensure you are marking each requester as picking up when arranging the shares. You can then either choose to unlist the item, or keep it listed and continue to receive requests. When you’ve agreed to give out the last item of one of your listings, you should mark the item as picked-up in the conversartion, where you can choose to ‘unlist’ it.

As well as providing transparency for business donors to see who is consuming the food they donate (and be able to trace it, in case of a product recall), this important process also enables us to accurately calculate how much food you’ve saved from the bin. Plus, it makes your job distributing the food much easier as you can keep track of who has requested what! 

Not enough requests? Read our handy tips and tricks to getting more requests.

Here’s an example of of a good Food Waste Hero listing and how it’ll look to requesters:

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