How to share food on OLIO as a FWH

FWH sharing guidelines are based on our government approved Food Safety Management System, regulated by South Derbyshire Environmental Health. If you're a FWH and have any concerns about the following procedures, please contact

List items separately 📋

Take pictures of the food you’ve collected (unless we’ve provided you with stock images to use) and list the food on OLIO (remember you're very welcome to take 1 portion or 10% of the collection for yourself).
    1. When adding your haul to the app it is very important to divide the food into as many listings as possible / as makes sense. This will not only help to provide transparency to the food business donors as to whom the food is being given to, but will also enable us to accurately calculate how much food you’ve saved from the bin. Plus, it makes your job of distributing the food much easier!

💪Top tip: you can use the ‘copy listing’ feature under ‘My OLIO - My Listings’ to speed things up!

b. Never group more than a handful of items in one listing (we recommend to include 3-5 items in each listing), unless all items are exactly the same. For example, if you have 10 bananas to give away, you can create just one listing. However, if you have 5 apples and 5 bananas to give away, please create 2 listings. If it’s 3 apples, 3 bananas, and 3 oranges, please create 3 listings.

c. Please accurately describe what’s available. It is much more likely that someone requests your food if you tell them what you have.

d. Click on the "Source" button and select the correct collection slot for the listing.

Share widely 🌍

Allocate your food to the OLIOers who request it. Share as wide as possible and consider giving  priority to newbies so they have a great first experience (check their profile to see whether they’re a newbie, cub or champion).

Share safely ⚠️

a. Once temperature-controlled food has been transported home, chilled and stored in your fridge, it cannot be out of the chill-chain again. Any further transport must be in a chill bag.

b. If you don’t want to disclose your address, find a convenient place near your house and use a chill bag to transport chilled food.

c. If no handwashing facilities are available, please use hand sanitiser or tongs when handling unsealed items.

d. Food must be stored in your kitchen, never on the floor, away from pets and children.  

e. Use a fridge thermometer to ensure your fridge is below 8°C.

e. Please only share food within the permitted time period and do not leave food outside for people to pick up or help.

f. Don't collect or share food if you or anyone in your household is ill and this could transmit to someone requesting food - please find cover in the emergency group.

Remember all of the FWH food safety training materials are available on the volunteer hub.

Finish the job ✔️

Remember to mark each request as ‘Pick-up arranged’ and ‘Leave item listed’ until it’s the last one. In that case choose ‘unlist item’ and it will be taken down – great job!

Still have food left over? Within 24 hours of the collection, you can take the surplus to an office or homeless shelter etc. You must use a chill bag to transport chilled food.

How does this relate to me?

Q. Can I share items just after collecting them?

A. After collecting items from a business, you have up to 2 hours to transport them home. In this time, you can try to distribute them through the app if you have permission at an indoor location such as a community centre, office etc. You cannot distribute items near to the business you collected from or from an outdoor public space like a train station.

Q. I don’t want to share my home address, can I distribute items from a safe place near to my house?

A. We totally understand that some volunteers will not want to advertise their home address to lots of new people on OLIO. Don’t worry, you can share food from a convenient place near your home. Once temperature-controlled food has been transported home, chilled and stored in your fridge, it cannot be out of the chill-chain again. Therefore, any further transport must be in a chill bag.

Q. Can I deliver/ take surplus items to work with me the following day?

A. It’s your choice if you would like to deliver any items to a homeless shelter for instance or take surplus items to share at work. You will need to make sure items are requested in the app and given directly to the requester - don’t leave items in a communal space. As above, if you’re sharing temperature-controlled food, this will be a second period outside of the chill-chain, therefore, a chill bag is essential.

And for anyone posting a ‘Pre-Alert’...

Some Food Waste Heroes prefer to let their local OLIO community know in advance that they’re going to do a collection soon so they’re aware that food will become available at a later time. 

You must ensure that pre-alerts are recorded under 'personal' and never under a collection slot. You can create a separate listing and say ‘I’m going to do a collection later today and will post the food on the app from.... Please check back later for my actual listing and do not request this listing! Please ensure you take your ‘pre-alert’ listing down once you’ve done your collection and post your food on the app in separate listings with accurate descriptions as described above.