Allergen information

Who is responsible for allergens info, and how do I get it via OLIO?

OLIO users who request items are responsible for ensuring they have sufficient information related to any health and safety risks. Therefore, a user’s decision to accept food from another user is done at their own risk and this is explained in our T&Cs.

  • If you are requesting items and have any known allergies, always check the listing thoroughly for allergen information or ask the OLIOer who is giving away the item.
  • Packaged items sold in the UK should always have ingredients and allergen information labelled with the exception of packaged food which has been prepared or packed on-site (e.g fresh sandwiches). 
  • For prepared or packed on-site food rescued through our Food Waste Hero programme, items will either be fully labelled or you can find a link to the allergen information & ingredients at
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