Updating your location & Privacy

Updating your location

You have several way to manage your location on the app, with different purposes. 

1. Your Location - in the ≡ at the top-right of the app. Tap ''Location'' and move the map or tap ''⊕ locate me''.

This will show you listings from this location, determine what new listings you are notified about (NB your notification distance & frequency can be customised in Notifications)automatically list your items from this location (in the Listing) and show you volunteer (Food Waste Hero) collection slots nearby. 

2. The location of your listings - editable within the Listing directly.

If you happen to be listing from somewhere else right now, and would like to override your Location (above) every time you list an item. 

3. Saved pick-up details - in the ≡ at the top-right of the app, under Saved pick-up details.

When you are talking to someone about requesting / collecting an item, this is the address that will be dropped into your Messages when you tap for saved responses and choose My Address. 

Please note that we do not currently have a function to allow users to set multiple locations.


Can other people see my location?

  • All locations in the app are "fuzzied" up to 200 metres, so the location you see for others is not their exact location
  • Your own location is shown accurately to you but "fuzzied" for all other OLIOers

A personal listing

The map on your own listing will show your precise location in the centre of the circle

Someone else's listing

The map on someone else's listing will show their approximate location, fuzzied to 200m

OLIO Supporter map

The OLIO supporter map shows the approximate location of items fuzzied to 200m

Users near me

The users near me map shows the approximate location of OLIOers nearest to your home location

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