How can I access OLIO?

OLIO is available for adults over 18 years of age on iOS, Android, and web.

System Requirements:

  • iOS: 8.0, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini
  • Android: 7 and above
  • Web version for use on desktop: Optimised for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge

Please note that in order to verify your account on the web app, you will need to get in touch and send a valid mobile number so we can verify your account.

OLIO is no longer supported on Android 6.0 and earlier devices. We took the decision to stop support after the app was not performing well on these devices and taking up a lot of resources. So that we can continue to provide OLIO to users regardless of the quality of their phone, we're working on improving the web app so that it will include all the features of the mobile app.

Want to use the webpage like an app? You can follow these instructions to get the OLIO website its own icon on your homescreen:

Click here for iOS

Click here for Android

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