How do I know the food is safe?

  • Food from our Food Waste Hero (FWH) volunteers
    • Our FWHs are trained in food safety. We’ve developed a robust and easy-to-apply Food Safety Management System (FSMS) that all FWHs adhere to. It’s easy to use yet sophisticated enough to ensure all types of food are distributed in a safe way. Our FSMS, which we created with input from the Food Standards Agency, is approved by our Primary Authority and based on a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points study. 
    • Click Here for an overview on how Food Safety is ensured by volunteers on OLIO.

  • Food from regular OLIOers
    • This is an area we take very seriously.
      • Our #1 guideline is ”Good enough for you": Only add food that you would be willing to eat yourself.” and our T&Cs state the person adding food must be compliant with any standards set by the relevant food competent authority.
    • If you see an inappropriate listing you can easily report it. Watch how to do it.