What can / can't I share on OLIO?

What can I share?

OLIO is for anything edible, no matter if it's loose, raw, cooked, opened, unopened etc. There are guidelines, but generally speaking, if it’s food you would eat, then it’s okay to share on OLIO. 


Expiry Dates

You can share food that is past its ‘Best Before’ date. This date refers to the quality and shelf life of a product, not safety. For more info on expiry dates, please read expiry dates explained.


It is your responsibility to ensure the person you are giving the alcohol to is of legal drinking age in your country.

Baby formula

OLIO agrees with government advice that breast milk is best for babies and breastfeeding should continue for as long as possible. Infant milks should only be used on the advice of a doctor, midwife, health visitor, public health nurse, dietitian, pharmacist, or other professionals responsible for maternal and childcare. OLIO does not advertise or promote the use of infant or follow-on formulae but is happy for you to share surplus infant and follow-on formulae with parents who have already made the informed choice to use such products. The sole purpose of OLIO is to help to reduce food waste.



Used cosmetics such as perfume, make-up (eyeliner, lipstick, etc.), cleansing products can be shared on OLIO after its 'Period After Opening' date. If you are collecting used cosmetics from another OLIOer, it's your responsibility to clean the product as per the manufacturer's instructions and/or to enquire about the extent of use by the OLIOer who is giving the item away. Generally speaking, if it’s something that you'd happily use yourself, it's okay for OLIO. 

For more info on cosmetic labelling: http://www.checkfresh.com/.


As a zero-waste company, OLIO permits users to share knives such as kitchen knives in accordance with local laws. However, this does not include knives that are disguised or designed as weapons. It is also your responsibility to ensure that the person you are giving the knife to is over 18 years of age. Although OLIO is an over 18s app, users should never share if they are concerned that the user may be under 18.


Medicine that is available over the counter is permitted to share on OLIO within its Use-By date.

Pet Food

Food for your pets can be shared on OLIO! We'd recommend adding it as "non-food".

What can't I share?


You are not allowed to share food that is past its ‘Use By’ date. We do not encourage anyone to supply food that has passed its “Use By” date, the date marked on perishable foods indicating the recommended date by which it should be used or consumed. If you’re a business it is illegal to sell or give away food after its Use By date.


You are not allowed to share fake or counterfeit goods, coupons/ vouchers, animals, controlled substances (including but not limited to solvents, drugs, weapons or fireworks). 

Prescription medication

OLIO does not allow the exchange of prescription medication in accordance with local laws. If you are in doubt whether medication is available on prescription, you should check first with a chemist. 

Medicines available over the counter including painkillers, cold & fever, allergens are all OK to share. All over the counter medication must be posted within its Use-By date and details of age restrictions should be added to the listing.